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Websites are often described as the front door to your business. It’s part of the first impression people have of your business and frequently determines if they’ll take the next step and contact you.  Keeping your website up to date is important - it should accurately represent the products and services you offer and present them in a secure, easy to find way. 

The Problem

Website technologies are constantly changing, in terms of capabilities and security.  The days of having a website and forgetting about it are gone:  your site is an important part of your business and if it’s not up to date, your visitors know it and likely won’t proceed past a short visit to your home page.

Website Traffic Graphic showing fall-off in October
Something happened with this site in October!
MESH WP Support can help find out!

What Happened?

We see it all the time. Your website developer doesn’t respond to you any more or (worse) makes promises he doesn’t keep.  OR You built your WordPress site a few years ago and things have been going great but now you want to add new content and things don’t work quite right.  OR  You know you need a redesign but the timing isn’t right for your business and you need to squeeze a little more life out of your current site.

WordPress websites are built with core software, themes and plugins that need to be maintained and updated.  This is important so the site works as expected and remains safe and secure for your visitors. If your site hasn’t been updated in the past few months or longer, the Website Update Service is for you.  The software used to build your site - WordPress - has gone through major changes recently and using the auto-update function will likely break your website.  That’s where we can help.

mobile after
after desktop

The Solution

The MESH WP Website Update Service follows a disciplined approach to assessing, updating and testing your WordPress website.  Sure, updating WordPress can be easy: click the ‘update’ button in the Dashboard and the latest versions of your theme, plugins and core WordPress software are automatically downloaded and applied to your site. The problem with that approach is that software changes and incompatibilities often result in the site breaking and being unavailable to your visitors on the ‘net.

When you use MESH to update your site, you’re assured of a safe, predictable process with minimal downtime.  We take a complete backup of your website, copy it to our secure servers and do our update work there, keeping your current website live for your visitors.  When there are issues in the backup site, we resolve them or let you know if there are compatibility issues that need further attention.  Once we’re done and everything is tested, we move the up-to-date backup site to your current server.

MESH can update your current site to supportable software versions quickly and at a reasonable cost.  The Website Update Service for a basic informational site costs $1,000, payable in multiple milestones during the project.   Depending on your website’s complexity and functions, it may cost more.

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