Whether you have a website now or have never had one before, your goal is the same:
to provide your website visitors with a clear easy way to find out about your products and services and get in touch with you to buy!

MESH Business Solutions has been a business and technology consultancy since 1996. We know how to make complex technical issues easy to understand and know how to help our clients ask the right questions to get the most out of their technology investments. We’ve worked with large multinational corporations and small, local businesses…we’re good at both!


Custom Mobile Friendly Websites

We'll build a custom website that will present your messages in a clear professional way and engage your visitors on their smartphones, tablets and computers.

Websites That Work

Whether you're selling a handful of products or thousands, we'll build you an eCommerce solution that makes it easy for your customers to buy.  You'll love your site and be proud to share it with your clients, prospects and social media.

Built With Industry Standard Tools

Your website is an important channel of distribution for your business. Stability and Supportability are key.  That's why we use WordPress to craft beautiful custom websites.  

We don't use canned, pre-made templates for our client sites. Everything we do is custom-designed and implemented according to what we learn about our client's requirements.

Sure, there are standard components on every website.  We've got those covered.  Then, we work hard to find the unique, differentiating advantages in our client's businesses and weave it all together in a compelling, new website.

Using modern tools coupled with old fashioned business communication skills, MESH offers a quick-to-market service for getting your website up, a custom website that portrays your business in a classy, professional, meaningful way. No cookie-cutter stuff, it’s a solid web presence made just for you

You’re not lifeless and stodgy; your website shouldn’t be either!  If you’re ready to take your website from dull and boring to exciting and beautiful, give us a call. We’ll work with you to implement a website that’ll leave you saying, “that’s pretty cool!”

Here’s what you can expect when you work with MESH WP Support to design and implement your website:

  • 1

    Whether you call us, send email or use the contact form on this website, you’ll hear from us by the end of the next business day (but it’ll probably be sooner), confirming that we heard from you.

  • 2

    We’ll set up a time to talk directly with each other so we can understand what you want. We can meet face to face or talk on the phone.

  • 3

    Once we’ve talked, you’ll get an agreement letter from MESH that describes what we’ll do, when you’ll get it, and how much it will cost.

  • 4

    You’ll return the signed agreement letter to MESH, letting us know you’re on board and ready to go!

  • 5

    If we’ve never worked together before, you’ll have to send us some money up front before we start work. We love our customers so if they come back for more, we often waive the deposit requirement. Once we have your signed letter and deposit, MESH will start working on your website project.

  • 6

    In business, we don’t like surprises and you probably don’t like 'em much either. So we communicate with our customers. Clearly. And often.

  • 7

    When your MESH website project is done, we’ll put it into production. When it’s ready to go live on the web on your domain, the final payment is due. You can pay with cash, check or credit card. For bigger projects, there might be interim, milestone payments, based on a plan that we’ll agree to before we start. No surprises…right?

  • 8

    For 30 days after your website is up, MESH is available for tweaks and updates to make sure everything is working great.

  • 9

    Maintaining a website, just like other important aspect of your business, requires more than a one-time implementation fee. We understand how important it is that your new Website, as one of your major prospect and client contact points, stays up to date and secure. That’s why we created a comprehensive Website Care Plan designed to help you get the most out of your investment. You can read about the MESH WP Support Care Plan here.

So that’s it. Pretty clear and simple.