Home Inspection Services


The Overview

Abe the Inspector came to us to create a new website. He was an established home inspector but had no reliable way to communicate his services and competence to his prospects other than through in-person contact.

Abe had a wealth of information and resources and wanted a way to make it easy for prospects and customers to access it.  He was especially interested in showing videos about the challenges and value of home inspections as well as showing evidence of his inspection work.

We created a mobile friendly website that organized his myriad information in an easy to navigate platform. He wanted his customers to be able to place an order with him online so we built a robust inspection order form that prequalifies his prospects by requiring specific details about the property to be inspected.

The website is here.

The Context and Challenge

Abe Kurek — Abe the Inspector — had an out of date, incomplete website when we met.  He was not proud of his site and, accordingly, wasn’t comfortable using it in his marketing activities. He had been in business for years and had a good reputation with the real estate brokers (who feed him the majority of his leads) but he had no good way to communicate his capabilities.

Abe prides himself on thorough client education and his detailed home inspection reports sets him apart from his competition.  Abe wanted a comprehensive website that showed the breadth of his service offerings so that he could simplify his sales processes and close more business.  He also wanted to be able to take orders online so if he was unavailable by phone, he could still get inspection deals.

The Process and Insight


We worked closely with Abe to compile his numerous resources for the website including photographs, detailed service descriptions, sample home inspection reports, informational videos, sample contracts and helpful links.  We converted many of his documents into downloadable PDFs so they can be included in his online “resources” library.

We learned that many of Abe’s prospects initially hear about him from real estate brokers who are accompanying potential buyers as they look for their new homes.  That necessarily means that the his website was being viewed initially on a smart phone, making mobile-friendly very important. Abe’s website truly was a “mobile first” project.



The Solution

The Home Inspection Services website features a wide array of photo galleries that include examples of Abe’s inspection experiences. Abe has heard from his clients and from real estate brokers who refer clients to him that his website provides a great amount of information that makes it easy to choose him as their home inspector. We also made it easy for Abe to add new photographs to the site as evidence of his continued work grows.

We designed the website so that it was easy for his prospects to find the information they needed to learn about his service offerings and we made sure that it looked as good on a phone as it does on a desktop.

The home inspector website features many videos that are intended to help his prospects understand the home inspection process better. Some of the videos are industry oriented, focusing on issues and challenges associated with home inspections and some are videos of Abe, describing how he works with his clients and the value he brings.

The website has a comprehensive photo library that shows many pictures Abe has taken during his inspections. The Library is categorized by inspection type so customers and prospects can see the kind of results they can expect when ordering an inspection.

We built a mobile-friendly, comprehensive online home inspection order form that allows Abe to gather a significant amount of information from his customer before he even has a conversation with them. The form is easy to use and Abe gets almost 50 orders a week through the website.


The Results

Abe continues to use the site to complement his advertising activities. Abe has created a couple of television commercials and those are displayed on his website. He also has a radio commercial and the audio link is included as well.

He has expanded his business to include an additional home inspector, due to the volume of business generated by the website. He is delighted with his site and often attributes his business success to the quality of his website.