The fastest way to dial a number with your blackberry is to use the speed dial keys. You can easily assign phone numbers to the letter keys so that when you hold the key down, it dials the number…fast!

There are some speed dial keys already assigned for you by Blackberry.

  • The 1 key (or W) calls your phone’s voicemail.
  • The A key locks your bb
  • The Q key changes the profile to ‘vibrate’. Holding the Q key down again changes the bb to the previous profile. (I’ve found that the ‘q” speed dial key doesn’t work on all blackberrys. Check it out to see if it works on yours).

I’ve added the numbers I call all the time to my speed dial list. H calls my home. D calls Debbie. M calls my Mom & Dad. To assign a key to a phone number, press the green phone button, then the bb menu key, and select ‘view speed dial list’. Take a look at the speed dials there. Then select a letter with the trackball or just press the letter in your keyboard. Click the letter and select ‘add speed dial’; the address book will open so you can select the phone number to assign. Accept the offer to save and you’re all set!

You can assign telephone numbers with pauses so you can set your bb to access your voicemail without you having to manually enter your password. You can tell your bb to wait for input from you; this is useful when you call a company all the time but need to manually enter an extension.

When you’re typing the phone number into your bb addressbook, you can insert a pause and a wait using the menu key. Each one is about 2 seconds. (a ‘pause’ pauses, then continues sending keytones; a ‘wait’ waits for input before proceeding sending the tones).

Here’s what I use for my voicemail speed dial:

xxx-xxx-xxxx (p) (p) * (p) ext # password #

When you press and hold a key on the main screen, it will trigger the speed dial assigned to that key or offer to add one for you. If you agree to add one, you’ll see the addressbook so you can select the number you’d like to assign.

When you need to enter a number with an extension in your address book, you can just type an X (alt X) after the main number (before the extension) and the BlackBerry will automatically put in the pause for dialing the extension. It’s quicker than hitting the menu and finding the pause function.

Speed dials make calling easier and, if you’re driving, immeasurably safer! Give ’em a try!

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  1. Sam from freeware blackberry on August 10, 2010 at 2:11 am

    I just did it and whoah, well functional! Now, I started using it. Speed dial made my calling faster and easier. I love this kind of article, hope you could post other shortcuts for this phone, I really love it.

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