Sometimes your iPhone rings and you don’t want to answer it.  It could be because you forgot to put your phone on silent or you might want to put the caller into your voicemail so you can deal with it later.  When your iPhone rings, you answer it by swiping your screen where it says “swipe to answer”.  I have seen some people answer the phone and then fumble with their phone to end the call quickly.  Here’s an easier way: when the call comes in, press the power button once to silence the ringer and press the power button again to send the caller directly to your voicemail.  All you have to remember is two quick power button presses to silence the call and send it to voicemail.  You can even do that in the dark!

You might be reluctant to send the caller directly to voicemail because you don’t want the caller to think you’re screening your calls.  If your phone is not on silent and you don’t want to put the caller directly into your voicemail, you can silence the ring by pressing the power button once or by moving the ring/silent switch to silent; the phone will continue to process the call as it normally would, sending the caller to your voicemail according to your voicemail settings.

When silence is golden — now you know how to get there fast and easily with your iPhone!

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