If you have a blackberry, you know how quickly your email folder on your phone can grow to have hundreds of emails. Or thousands! This post shows you how to quickly and easily navigate around your email folders.

So now, you won’t have to scroll with the trackball/trackpad to get around your messages.

These tips and shortcuts work on all the message folders on your blackberry: messages, specific email folders and SMS. Depending on how you have your blackberry set up, your messages might all be in one folder or they may be stored separately. These tips and shortcuts will work regardless of how you store your messages.

When you are in a message folder, here are the shortcuts to remember:

t moves to the top of the message list
b moves to the bottom of the message list
n moves to the next date in the list
p moves to the previous date in the message list
s opens the search dialog (you can pick what to search for and what)
e shows the messages that have delivery errors (normally empty!)
w applies a flag to the message (hint: check out the flag properties using the blackberry menu key. Delete the flag there too)
u moves to oldest unread message
j moves to the oldest message in the thread (useful when there have been numerous replies to a message)
alt-u toggles the unread status of that message

When you’re reading a message, press the spacebar to page down. Left Shift-spacebar to page up.

To reply to a message, press r. To forward a message, press f. And to reply to all recipients, press l. These commands work when you’re in a message and when you’re in the message list.

When you are in the message listing, you can press alt-i to show only the incoming mail. Press alt-o to show only the mail that you’ve sent. And alt-s lists your SMS messages.

Give some of these shortcuts a try. They make getting around messages on a Blackberry pretty quick and easy!


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