Hi. I want to tell you about a fabulous tip when typing with the iPhone and iPad on-screen keyboard. This is an easy one that is so useful that after you learn it, you will always use it!

When you are typing and need to use a number or a symbol (like the @ in an email address), you normally press the 123 button at the bottom of the keyboard, type the character you want, then press the ABC button to go back to the alphabet keyboard. That is three keystrokes: the 123 key, the character you want, and then the ABC key to go back to the main keyboard.

I am going to tell you how to save two keystrokes. Here’s how to do it:

iPad Keyboard

Press and Slide

When you press the ‘123’ key at the bottom of the keyboard, don’t remove your finger…keep your finger on the screen. The keyboard will change to the numeric

keyboard and you’ll be able to slide your finger to the character you want. If you want one of the number keys, for example, slide your finger to that number, then let go. The character will be typed and the keyboard will return to the alphabet. You get the character you want without having to press another key to return to the alphabet keyboard!

As an added bonus, if you press the 123 key and then move your finger over a key that offers multiple options, you’ll also get the multiple selections when you hold your finger over the key.

Try this: when you are on the main alphabetic keyboard, press the 123 key and without letting go, slide your finger on the numeric keyboard up to the ‘–’ on the left. Be sure to hold your finger on the dash and you’ll see the four alternatives pop up for that key. You can then slide your finger up and pick the one you want.  Experiment to find the keys with multiple selections; you might find some surprises.

This simple yet powerful shortcut for both the iPhone and the iPad will save you countless keystrokes as you type on your device. Be sure to try it; it’s a cool tip!

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