Hi! It’s Friday and that means shortcuts! Today we’ll look at a ways to make Word a little more friendly.

  • it’s often useful to block lines of text when you’re doing formatting and cutting & pasting. Instead of using the arrow keys or trying to grab the text in the document with the mouse, try this: find the line you want to block, move the cursor with the mouse to the left until it turns into an arrow pointing right. Click once to select the line, click a second time to select the paragraph, and click a third time to select the page. You can toggle through these three clicks too. Click anywhere in the document to deselect.
  • If the formatting of the selected text is messed up (like wrong alignment, bad bullets, screwy spacing), block the text and press ctrl-q to remove formatting and bring the highlighted text back to the ‘normal’ style. Then you can reformat as needed.
  • ctrl-s saves your work. Use that. A lot!
  • shift-F3 toggles through capitalization: change your blocked text to all caps, sentence case, no caps. Hold the shift key and press F3, then press F3 again, etc.
  • when you need to quickly jump to a specific page in your document, press F5, the go to command, and type the page number.
  • to quickly see how your document will look when it’s printed out, press ctrl-F2 for print preview. You can press esc to go back to your previous view.
  • for the final shortcut today: press alt-F4 to exit the program. If your document needs to be saved, you’ll be prompted to save it and then Word will exit.

So there you have it — another Friday Shortcut post! Have a decent weekend!

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