Hi! Internet Explorer is Microsoft’s web browswer… it’s the blue ‘e’ on your computer. It’s slow, bloated, and often the target used by writers of malicious code intended to steal your personal info and make your online life miserable.

You don’t have to use Internet Explorer (IE)… you can use Firefox, the open source browswer that’s fast, safe, secure and free!

You can download Firefox by clicking here. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (that should cover just about all of you!).

I use Firefox on all my PCs. It’s got a bunch of cool features and allows you to customize your browsing experience any way you want. You can take a look at the features by clicking here.

Briefly, Firefox works right, just the way it comes to your computer. It will import your IE settings so none of your shortcuts and bookmarks will be lost. You don’t have to commit to Firefox immediately; when the software asks you if you want to make it the default browser, just say no. (you can change your mind later).

There are countless extensions and themes for Firefox; those are small applications that you add into the browser to help you as you use your computer. I have the current and forecasted weather on my browser’s status bar; I have a special key that makes Firefox look like IE (in case a website ‘requires’ IE); and Firefox plays nicely with Skype (phone numbers on a website become clickable to call using Skype). You can also customize the color scheme and the browser’s look and feel.

There are Tips and Tricks for beginners on the Firefox website so don’t be shy. Download and install Firefox and I’m guessing you’ll not be using IE that much at all!


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  1. Unonto on February 16, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    I tried Chrome as soon as it was avaliable for download. I did not like it. I found the interface to be very ugly. And it didn’t seem to do anything that Firefox doesn’t do as well or better. I have uninstalled Chrome.

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