On my Macbook Pro and Win7 PC, I’ve been using Google Chrome as my default browser since it came out.  I love how it synchronizes my bookmarks and password information using my Gmail credentials.  On my iPad and iPhone, I had complemented the standard Safari browser with Dolphin because it let me sync between those 2 devices.  When Google announced in June that its Chrome browser was now available for iOS devices, I installed it on my iPhone and iPad and now use Chrome as my default browser on all my devices.

Google’s browser allows users to sync tabs, bookmarks and other settings across multiple devices. So, once I sign into Chrome on any computer or my iPhone, I can view my opened tabs and browsing history on all my connected devices (you can see it in the screen shot of my iPhone). It also syncs my login credentials so that I don’t have to remember and re-enter all my information whenever I use a different device.

Here are a couple of examples of how it helps me:

  1. I can search for and click on a restaurant’s website in Chrome on my iPad, then open Chrome on my iPhone and instantly view the restaurant’s page. I can even hit the back button on my iPhone to go back to the search results!
  2. If you are like me, you have a lot of password-protected websites you visit.  With Google Chrome running everywhere with my synchronized usernames and passwords, accessing everything is merely a click away.
  3. When I’m in the middle of researching something on the web, I can simply walk away and resume my search on any of my other devices without copying URLS or mailing links.


You can get Google Chrome for all your devices and it’s free!

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