Have you ever been typing on your Blackberry and the keyboard backlight goes out? It happens to me all the time and, for me, it’s much easier to type when the backlight is on all the time when I’m typing.

I’m often in an area where the Blackberry thinks there’s enough light so the keyboard backlight goes out; frequently I don’t agree! I’m going to tell you how to put the backlight on simply and easily.

There is a light sensor on your Blackberry that knows when it’s dark enough to backlight the keyboard. At night or in a dark room, the keyboard backlight behaves fine. When there is enough light to make the backlight go off, here’s what you do: hold your finger over the LED indicator light for a couple of seconds and the backlight will come back on!

See? Simple!

Let me suggest one setting that can help in this situation too: disable the auto-dimming setting on your Blackberry. Go to Options|Screen/Keyboard and scroll down to “automatically dim backlight”. Set that option to ‘off’, save the change, and you’re all set.

So now when your backlight goes off, put your finger on the LED indicator and turn it back on!

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