Hi. If you use your gmail account to send mail from your blackberry, you’re likely getting a copy of the sent mail in your inbox on your bb. This is a pain in the neck.

There’s a way to stop the sent mail from showing up on your blackberry!

You have to log into your blackberry internet service (BIS), specifically for your provider. You need the username and password given to you when you got your bb. If you don’t have the info, press 611 on your bb and ask the rep to direct you to blackberry support and they’ll get you your credentials. Then save them!

Verizon’s BIS site is: https://bis.na.blackberry.com/html?brand=vzw
AT&T’s BIS site is: http://att.blackberry.com/
T-Mobile’s BIS site is: http://www.t-mobile.com/bis/
Sprint’s BIS site is: http://www.sprint.blackberry.com/

Once you log into the BIS site, you can manage your email accounts that are connected to your bb. You can add signatures, auto BCC, and other things.

You can also add filters! That’s where the magic is. You can add a filter so that certain emails are not forwarded to your device. I have a filter called ‘acai’ so that any mail with ‘acai’ in the subject doesn’t get sent to my blackberry.

So… back to the gmail issue. Add a filter to your gmail account; I call mine ‘me’. In the ‘Apply the filter when’ pulldown, select the from field and in the ‘contains’ space, type your gmail address. Then click the radio button ‘Do not forward messages to device’.

Here’s a screen shot of what my filter looks like:

Once you’ve set up this filter, you will no longer get an email in your inbox after you send a gmail from your blackberry.

Quite cool, eh?

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