I want to tell you about an app that can make your travel plans easier to manage. I’ve traveled a lot for business and pleasure and using this software product has really made my traveling experiences better and less stressful.

Worldmate on the iPhone

Worldmate is an amazing, free travel assistant that organizes your itineraries simply and easily. Once you sign up using your Facebook login or your email address, you build trip itineraries by entering the information into the app or (and this is very cool) forwarding your email confirmations to trips@worldmate.com. Worldmate automatically adds the details in the email to your itinerary. It organizes your air, hotel, transportation and meeting schedules and reminds you when each one is about to happen.

The Worldmate iPhone app features research for flights and limos and booking for hotels through its affiliation with hotels.com. Worldmate can suggest special hotel deals when you’ve entered your destination and, once the app has your hotel confirmation, it can alert you to a better deal than what you’ve booked. You can cancel your original booking and make a new reservation directly within the app and Worldmate will let you know about savings and upgrade opportunities as they come up.

Other travel tools include global weather, a tip calculator with a global tipping guide, a currency converter with the latest exchange rates, world clocks and maps and directions using your itinerary entries. LinkedIn and Facebook integration allows you to see if any of your contacts are near your destination and there’s an Outlook plugin so you integrate your itineraries with your email/calendar program. You can email your itinerary right from the app so the people who need to know have all your contact information while you’re traveling.

There is a Worldmate app for the iPad (and for Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones too) and all of it synchronizes wirelessly with the worldmate.com website. All this stuff is included in the free version; the Gold version of Worldmate gives you push flight alerts and real-time flight status so, if you need, you can respond quickly when you learn of air cancellations and delays. When I travel, I don’t need to carry my itinerary anymore…it’s all on my iPhone and iPad!

Grab the Worldmate app in the iTunes store and check it out on the web at www.worldmate.com.


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