Hi. There are so many software programs we use it’s hard to keep the commands straight in our minds so we can get our work done. We also don’t have the time to learn about the sheer breadth of what’s in each application.

There’s a really cool website with reference guides on popular programs, both for PC & Mac. And it’s free!

CustomGuide has assembled an assortment of quick references that are sure to make your computing life easier. Each program’s guide shows the major commands and functions in a clear, easy to follow format. It’s great to refresh your memory as well as learn some new functions. You’ll find reference guides on Microsoft Office products like Outlook, Word and Excel and Adobe products like Acrobat and Photoshop.

Click here to visit CustomGuide to see the quick reference sheets available and be sure to print out the sheet for the programs you use regularly, as well as for the ones you want to learn! The guides are in pdf (acrobat) format so they look great every time!


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