Hi! I wish you all a happy, healthy and fun Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not!

If you use Outlook, you’ll love this tip.

Usually we use the icons with a mouse to switch between mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes. If you memorize these shortcuts, you can move around really quickly and easily in Outlook:

  • press ctrl + 1 for email
  • press ctrl + 2 for calendar
  • press ctrl + 3 for contacts
  • press ctrl + 4 tasks
  • press ctrl + 5 for notes

Like most Microsoft products, there are 3 ways to navigate in programs: icons, menus and keyboard shortcuts. In Outlook, you can click on the Go menu to see these shortcuts.

I use these all the time so I don’t think about it any more. Keep them on a piece of paper near your keyboard and use them for a day or two and they’ll be second nature for you too.

Tell your friends…they’ll appreciate it!

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