Hi. The screenshots here show the applications installed on my blackberry bold 9700. I thought you’d like to see these so you can get some ideas about what you can install on your phone too.

Many of the icons are bb standards. I’ll write a summary below each screen with descriptions of the icons with which you might not be familiar.


This is my home screen. Yes, that’s CC pitching on my home screen! And that’s ubertwitter on the lower right.

row 1: the Z is zagat to go; the golf green is greenfinder (GPS for golf).

row 2: the last two on the right are garmin and worldmate.

row 3: in order, left to right: splashID (password protected info storage), personal assistant (secure bank and credit card account tracker), what’sapp (bbm-like service from blackberry to iphone), evernote, pandora, yelp.

row 1: kindle, bmw roadside assistance, wordpress, hopstop, app folder, google maps

row 2: the at&t ball is a shortcut to my account and fml (f my life)

row 3: the star folder has some of my mail icons i don’t want on my main screen, the last icon is pocket informant (i’m not sure i’m keeping it yet).

row 1: linked in, flashlight app, docs to go, the hand icon is a wireless calendar program, paypal, and cardstar (barcode display of those store discount tags you have on your keychain)

row 2: tether, urbanspoon, google talk, amazon, crackberry.

row 3: see above screen shot

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